Collect Double Clubcard Points on Selected Sheds & Garden Buildings

Collect Double Clubcard Points on Selected Sheds & Garden BuildingsBuying out of season is a sure fire way to make some decent savings.

Whether that’s buying wellington boots or a thick snow coat during the high of summer, or even picking up a BBQ during during the drizzly winter.

Retailers will try and have a push when the seasons come to an end to get us to buy their products, which would otherwise sit in their warehouses util the following year.

Now is one of those times.

With summer pretty much behind us; evenings getting darker and the weather is certainly getting nippier.

This means the time for buying more summer related items is going to be better for your purse.

Double Clubcard points on sheds

Perhaps now is a good time to invest in a new garden shed.

Tesco have launched an offer to collect double Clubcard points on products in their garden shed range. There is quite a lot to choose from with 444 items currently in this offer.

Our garden shed was a fair bit weathered and probably wouldn’t be able to last through another winter. This time of year is perfect tome to replace it as it’s not too hot to spend putting it up, but it’s bad enough to get rained off.

Their sheds and garden buildings range cost from £50 and up, and include canopies, cabins, storage benches and boxes as well as summerhouses.

The double Clubcard points bonus offer ends on 08/02/17.

Free delivery on outdoor living

As as extra bonus, Tesco are also offering free delivery on selected Garden and Outdoor Living.

You can use the double Clubcard points and free delivery offers together to get even better discounts and overall savings.

The free delivery on outdoor living offer ends on 26/02/17.

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Double Clubcard Points on Sheds & Garden Buildings

Free delivery on Garden and Outdoor Living

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